Gender Equality Advocacy and Empowerment Project

Because of the existing Gender inequalities in South Sudan, the contributions that women make to all aspects of development and the costs to societies of persistent inequalities between women and men have gone unrecognized. For a longtime, there have been persistent inequalities which have compromised women's human rights and disadvantaged women from fully developing their potential.

Despite of more than 5 years of promoting women in politics through affirmative action policies, there is still broad resistance in society against women in politics.

FOFCOD believes that the most effective way to increase political participation by Women in South Sudan is through an innovative approach that focuses on improved Political and Gender advocacy, promoting respect of their rights. Especially during this transition period as well as having a peaceful society where people live in harmony.

The overall Objective is to empower Women to act against political, economic and social decisions that affect their lives in south Sudan by raising awareness of their rights and the understanding of democratic processes.



Off ministries Rd, 300m walk From American Residence

after South Sudan Human rights Commission, Juba, South Sudan, 

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