Empowering Women Through Improved Cooking Stoves

Development is not possible without access to energy, Energy is vital for women’s development in terms of reducing their time burden for collecting firewood used in cooking and heating, supporting livelihoods activities, improving health and well being and providing opportunities for enterprise and capacity-building.

Conventional energy policies have tended to focus on energy supply, with little attention to the social issues relating to energy. Energy policies miss vital opportunities to ensure projects draw on women’s vital local knowledge and their influencing capacity within households and communities.

FOFCOD carried out a research in yei, Studies show that many rural women spend up to five hours a day gathering fuel and carrying heavy loads.

This burden leaves them with little time for productive activities or leisure, puts women and girls at risk of long-term health problems and increases their vulnerability to physical or sexual violence. spending long hours indoors with traditional wood burning stoves can result in health hazards such as lung disease and eye infections for women and children. The provision of clean cook stoves can mitigate these negative impacts while promoting women’s empowerment, as the time that would have been used to collect fuel can now be used for other productive and economic activities.



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