Increasing Awareness of Women's right and Participation in Politics in South Sudan

South Sudan is in the transition process to Democracy and good governance. Escalating abuses of power has marred the past 2 decades of civil... READ MORE

Empowering Women Through Improved Cooking Stoves

Development is not possible without access to energy, Energy is vital for women’s development in terms of reducing their time burden for collecting firewood used in cooking... READ MORE

Promoting the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The majority of people in South Sudan are far from access to information about human rights of People with Disabilities. Moreover, they are still ignorant of the terms human rights... READ MORE

Youth  & Skill Development Project

Women and the Youth in South Sudan face enormous challenges related to occupation, conflict, deep rural poverty, food insecurity and lack of extracurricular activities. The need to maintain traditional... READ MORE

Gender Equality Advocacy and Empowerment Project

Because of the existing Gender inequalities in South Sudan, the contributions that women make to all aspects of development and the costs to societies of persistent... READ MORE

Responding to Gender Based Violence in south Sudan

Sexual and gender based violence is rampant n South Sudan. From an assessment which was carried out by FOFCOD , it was determined that 10 out of 15 households in... READ MORE

Widowhood a form of slavery in Conflict afflicted countries with a ccase study of south Sudan

In South Sudan widowhood is a status associated with stigma and shame. Often the vernacular words for ‘widow’ mean ‘harlot’, ‘sorceress’... READ MORE




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